Temporary Hair Chalk


Temporary Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk is a great temporary, non-committal way to color hair with really fun, brilliant results. Offered in four bright colors, Hair Chalk is a fun way to rock one’s hair — just for fun, for a special occasion or even everyday to get that certain ‘look’. It is easy to use, not messy and it washes out with the next shampoo. With no sprays or dyes to contend with, Hair Chalk is a quick and easy way to bring new life to previously dull hair or add some temporary flair for a special occasion.

How does it work?

Hair Chalk is simple and easy to apply. For best results just spray the Hair Chalk Primer Spray on clean hair strands and then choose one of the four brilliant colors. Each color comes in a specially designed compact with a color-saturated sponge that the user slides along the hair strands using a downward motion. Just press, slide, color and repeat until done. Application of color can be highly strategic to get the desired look. From root to tip or just part way down or just the tips, one color or all four, the options are endless. Once hair is colored, a light spray of Hair Chalk Sealer Spray will seal the deal until the next hair wash.

How to remove Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk is simple to remove. To return to one’s natural hair color one simply has to wash one’s hair as per usual. Lighter colored or chemically-treated hair may require additional washing to entirely remove Hair Chalk but this can be minimized by ensuring each hair strand has been pre-coated in Hair Chalk Primer Spray before applying the hair chalk. In these cases, strand tests might be a good idea to try to see how Hair Chalk performs.

Is Hair Chalk for everyone?

Hair Chalk is safe and fun to use and can be used by all ages from 3-99 although parental supervision or assistance would definitely be required for younger children and teens. Hair Chalk can be used on all hair types. If one’s hair is long or short, curly, straight or in-between, blonde, brunette, red or grey Hair Chalk can be applied for instantly glamorous or funky results. For the best outcome hair should be product-free and clean and primed with Hair Chalk Primer Spray.

What are the benefits?

Hair Chalk has many advantages and possibly the greatest one is that it is fun and looks great. Hair Chalk is also temporary and washes out easily. It is super fast and easy to apply and it comes in four bright colors to get the desired look. It is suitable to any occasion and one can add a little or a lot. The application method gives the user total control of the results without the commitment of traditional hair dye. Once colored the hair can be left down, braided or put in an up-do.

Is it safe and how long does it last?

Hair Chalk is a paraben-free cosmetic-grade product created for use on hair. Each application will last until the next shampoo. The product itself will not expire before it runs out. In cases where the user has a lot of product build up on their hair it may be advisable to spray the Hair Chalk color pad with a touch of rubbing alcohol and wipe off any built up residue to get best results.

For best results

As with any product it is important to follow directions. While it might be tempting to dive right in and apply Hair Chalk to one’s hair it is advisable to read through the recommendations to get the optimum results. Hair Chalk is really fast and easy to apply but some precautions should be taken to protect clothing, carpet and absorbent surfaces during the application process. Wearing a towel over one’s shoulders during the application process and avoiding light colored clothing and not standing on carpets is recommended.  Taking these simple precautions should prevent any inadvertent staining.


Hair Chalk colors?

Hair Chalk are available in four high impact, mind-blowing colors including:

  • • Fiery Fuchsia, a bright purple
  • • Hot Pink, classically hot
  • • Neon Green, vibrantly hip
  • • Electric Blue, brilliantly cool

Hair Chalk colors can be mixed and matched or used one at a time as all the hues complement one another well.



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