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Gymform Duo Wireless Muscle Stimulation System Massage - Product Details


GYMFORM DUO is scientifically proven to increase muscle tone and reduce fat by giving your muscles a much more effective workout than any other electronic exerciser available in the market today!The secret is in its Breakthrough Technology - Dual Contact Muscle Stimulation Technology for the fastest results you have ever had!Suitable for any muscle area, anytime, anywhere GYMFORM DUO works the smallest muscle groups to the larger areas. Even difficult zones like the backs of your arms or the inner thighs and perfect for eliminating unsightly cellulite.



  • Getting the body you've dreamed of has never been this easy!
  •  Tones, strengthens, defines and sculpts muscles and underlying tissue
  • Firms and tightens skin
  • Increases micro circulation
  • Visible results within weeks for just a few minutes a day!

Breakthrough Dual Contact Muscle Stimulation Technology gives your muscles a great workout! Gently makes your muscles contract and relax over 100 times a minute!

  • May help encourage the breakdown of fat cells
  • Completely safe, pain free and relaxing! Certified by EMC and ROHS
  • Easy stick on battery powered wireless system. No cables or messy contact gels
  •  Super compact design. Fits in the palm of your hand! Fits under your clothes and no one will notice!
  • 6 Muscle Toning Programs and 10 Intensity Levels
  • Ideal for any muscle group or area
  •  With 2 Gymforms, you can exercise two muscle areas at the same time and get twice the results!


Six different programs with ten intensity levels per program

  • Muscle Building
  • Slimming I
  • Slimming II
  • Fitness
  • Anti Cellulite
  • Massage 

Now you can tone, strengthen, define and sculpt your body and loose inches without spending long hours at the gym ! 


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