Actrail Earhook For Sports


Is the sports-friendly headphones easily dislodged and snugly fits your ear "Actrail". It is can bend according to the shape of the ear hook shape, easily dislodged snug fit ear type. Has adopted flexible ears hang hanger, so realized for a long time even less tired comfortable fit. Designed code is go around behind the ear, so can move the body without mind code during exercise. 
-Strong sports in sweat and rain, splashing water-proof specifications 
In addition to design easy-to-hear the ambient sound, resistant to sweat and rain, splashing water-proof adopted specifications, you can enjoy music and sports. 
This product is-proof or water drops performance, damage will be so, please do not put in the water. Wet body with cloth, wipe off water droplets, let dry and leave at room temperature. 
-Comes together nicely together clean the extra code that can be with an extra code that can be. With clips as the clothes easier to run and is very convenient. Code length 0.6 m, is useful to use a portable audio player into the breast pocket or armband. You can also use portable audio players put in a pants pocket or bag and comes with extension cords of 0.6 m,. 
-High range from low to good balance of easy listening sound reproduction 
Has you firmly as a headphone performance, high from the low range is a well-balanced sound can be reproduced.

Driver unit diameter 13.6 mm 
Impedance 16 Ω 
Sound pressure sensitivity 102dB/1mW 
The maximum allowable input 50 mW 
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz 
Plug shape 3.5 mm dia. stereo mini plug 
Cable length 0.6 m 
External dimensions width 48 x depth 18 x 60 mm * code, except 
Mass about 9 g * code, except 
Accessory clip with extension cord ( 0.6 m, diameter 3.5 mm L-shaped stereo mini plug ) 

color: blue,fuchsia,grey, black


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