Best Interaction Speaker Magic Sound Speakers For All Smartphone


BEST interaction SPEAKER


The Best speaker uses patent intersction technology. simply place a mobile device such as

an iphone on top of the Best speaker and the sound from the internal speaker is magically


This product is compatible with iphone 4S, iphone 4,iphoe 3GS, iphone 3GS, iphone3G ,

ipod touch 4, and other mobile devices with an external speaker.


.Magically amplifies the sound from iphone etc

.No configuration such as paring is needed

.Automatically turns on and off

.Supported by most iOS devices and Android phones

.Powerful output of 2w×2 RMS

.High efficiency-15 hour play time* for AA Akline batteries×3

.Battery low indication

.Includes Audio in (3.5mm) and DC in (Micro.USB) sockets

*Average volume leves

3.USER INTERFACELocation Description

3 Blue LED

4 Power Button

5 Micro USB DC in

6 Audio in


4.1 Interaction wireless Operation

iOS Devices:

When in Standby or Power On modes, placing an iphone, ipod,or other device, with the

external sound or muisc being played in the correct direction activates the speaker.

Example-align the bottom of the iphone/ipod to the front of the speaker:

Android anfd other Devices:

Different audio devices require different positioning.

Experimet with the placement of the device until

the device and speaker sensors are in alignment.

4.2 Volume Control

To adjust the volume simply change the volme level onyour mobile device and the best

automatically adjusts the output volume.4.3 Audio in Operaticn

The3.5mm jack is for optional wired audio input for most mobile devices,the bass

performance is better when using line-in.


The sneaker can be powered by three AA batteries or external DC in from the Micro USB


When the batteries are first inserted, the speaker will stay in its default Standby Mode.

5.1 Power status:

Every time the Power Button is pressed, the power status advances one step in a cycle as

follows: Off -> standby ->Off…

The power stantus is indicated by the Blue LED:

Starus Blue LED

Power On Lighs up

Powe Off Off

Standby Flaches once every 3 seconds (approx.)

Music Playing Synchronized with the music

BatteryLow Flashes 3 time every 4 seconds (approx.)

5.2 Automatic power on/off:

When the speaker is in standby mode, if music is played while the device is placed on top

of the unit in the correct position, the speaker will turn on automatiically.

The speaker will return to srandby mode 1 minutie after the music has stopped. When

using Alkaline batteries, the speaker can stay in standby mode for over 6 months.

When the speaker is in power On mode, it will switch automatically to power off 10

minutes after the music has stopped.

5.3Battery Low Indication:

The blue LED flashes 3 tirnes every 4 seconds to indicate the battery low status.

This happens only in standby mode. Please note thar when the batteries are relatively

low ,the sound may be distorted when playing in high volume.When the batteries are too low, the system will. Cut off power to prevent the

Batteries from being damaged.

5.4 External DC 5V in:

The micro USB socket is for external power of DC 5V. When the external power is plugged

in. the AA batteries will not be used.



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