Boxers for Men



Boxers for Men 
Strong Men Underwear

Boxers for Men

Specification: S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL

Color: black

Size Height(cm)/Waistline(feet) 
 X: 165-170  / 2.5-2.7 
 XL: 170-175  / 2.7-2.9 
 XXL: 175-180 /  2.9-3.1


1) fiber(60%far infrared fiber and 40%negative ion fiber)

2) magnet

3) Bamboo charcoal and nano negative ion antibacterial fiber

This product uses the high technology fabric based on biological technology.

According to human blood, permanent magnets are arranged in an orderly manner,

producing biomagnetic field, negative ion and far infrared, can effectively

stimulate the relative accupuncture points to promote deep tissure cell metabolism in

human body, improve blood circulation, effectivly control and cure the following

disease: Hypogonadism, Prostatitis, Frequency of urination, Hemorrhoids and

Endocrine disorder


1. Prompt microcirculation of hypogastrium, waist and perineum

2 .Bacteriostasis and remove odour.

3 .relieve the pain of abdominal distention, constipation, urgent micturition, pruritus,

 male didymitis, and prostatitis

4 .Improve immunologic function.

size: S-XXXL

material: cotton

color: as image


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